The Mother Of All Stealth Search Engines Report

November 3, 2007

CastTV wants to give you the best way to find all your online videos, from movies to TV shows to the latest celebrity, sports, news, and viral videos. We’ll take you to those videos, wherever they are. Our service is currently an invitation-only beta service. We will be adding more users shortly so please request an invite!

NosyJoe is a social search engine that relies on you to sniff for and submit the web’s interesting content and offers basically meaningful search results in the form of readable complete sentences and smart tags. NosyJoe is built upon the fundamental belief people are better than robots in finding the interesting, important and quality content around Web. The project is currently in private beta.

Cuill (pronounced [kool]) is a startup company that is pioneering a new approach to Search. The company was founded by Anna, Russell, and Tom. Our offices are located on a quiet street in Menlo Park, CA. If you’d like to learn more about Cuill or the people behind it, please get in touch.

Makidi. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one simple way to find anyone for any purpose? Surprisingly enough, you can leave your email here and we will call you up for the beta.

NeXplore’s Search Beta is an innovative Web 2.0 social search engine that makes finding information on the Internet more personal, more efficient, and worlds more fun. Discover a visually engaging, user-friendly, multi-media interface that makes navigation effortless and drill down obsolete. All NeXplore Search Beta invitees will receive a free pass to the yet-to-be-released NeXploreWorld™ a secure, universally accessible, 5-gigabytes of personal online media space for storing music, videos, photos, searches and any other digital jewels. NeXplore Search Beta invitations are limited. Request an invitation now!

[true knowledge] is an Internet technology company based in Cambridge, England. Our main product is a technology that can directly answer questions put to it on any topic and dramatically improves the quality and accuracy of results compared to any existing search technology. Our product represents facts within a broad knowledge-base that computers can understand and process. The web interface accepts questions phrased in natural language and infers the solutions from its database of facts to produce direct, perfect answers, plus links to further information. More will be announced very shortly. To be kept informed about the company and its products, sign up to be put on our announcements mailing list. We are currently testing a website based on this technology and will be opening this process up to external beta testers imminently. If you would like to be considered for this please register here. Users who already have an account can log in here.

SurfCanyon, using next-generation semantic personalization technology, is developing Queryless Discovery™ to enable post-query disambiguation in Internet search. The site is currently undergoing private Beta testing. You may visit our blog or, if you have a user name and password, log in below. Enjoy and please let us know what you think

Powerset/Powerlabs is a Silicon Valley company building a transformative consumer search engine based on natural language processing. Our unique innovations in search are rooted in breakthrough technologies that take advantage of the structure and nuances of natural language. Using these advanced techniques, Powerset is building a large-scale search engine that breaks the confines of keyword search. By making search more natural and intuitive, Powerset is fundamentally changing how we search the web, and delivering higher quality results. Sign up for Powerset Labs below to help build Powerset’s next-generation search engine. As of today, we’ve begun to let people into our Labs to sample applications built on our semantic index.

Zumende Shhhhh!

Digger is a free search tool provided by TextDigger. Digger analyzes all the possible meanings of the words in your query, in order to find more relevant documents. Digger also shows you how it interpreted your words and allows you to quickly correct any misunderstandings. Compared to keyword search engines, Digger gives you much more control over the semantics of your search. During our private beta, you will need an invitation code in order to create a free Digger account. To request one, just click the appropriate link on the home page.

Foxmarks is turning web search upside down. Creating a better way to search that is community inspired and people powered. Getting you to the content you really want – faster and easier. Our first product – Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer – is just the start. Stay tuned for more. And more. And more.

iPrecis is a custom search application that allows users, communities, businesses, associations, and other affinity groups to search sites that meet their own criteria. The always has the ability to select topics of interest and/or add their own trusted sites to their search. The user can also compare search results produced iPrecis versus the top 100 (10 pages) results returned by Google. The system also has community functions that allow users to find other users with similar tags and topical interests. This is your opportunity select individual sites or entire groups of topics that are of interest to individual users as opposed to having search engines tell us what we should “check out” or “buy”. We look forward to your feedback during this closed Alpha.

Mobot connects the real world to the digital world on the mobile phone. Consumers use the camera in their phone to indicate their interest — in a brand advertisement, an editorial page in a magazine, or even a product in a catalog — and Mobot visual matching technology identifies their picture and connects them directly to relevant information. Fast and easy for consumers, it’s a powerful new tool for any media company or marketer.

Polar Rose’s Beta test is underway. The Polar Rose browser plugin for Firefox (Internet Explorer coming soon) lets you discover who’s in any public photo. The browser plugin is currently in private beta and we are letting in new explorers in every day. Sign up to be notified when we have an invitation ready for you.

Zitgist (pronounced “zeitgeist”) is an industry standards compliant Semantic Web Query Service. Its goal is to help Web users locate data, information, and knowledge on the Web. Zitgist is based on a new search paradigm: users describe characteristics of their search target, instead of relying entirely on content keywords.

Palore is still in closed beta. Please enter your name and email address, and we’ll contact you as soon as we’re ready to add new users.

CareerMesh’s corporate website is now live. The website is setup to provide interested parties more information on CareerMesh before the full development goes live. We want to make sure we can provide everybody a general overview of CareerMesh, and also provide updates of our progress. If you want to get a monthly newsletter, get emailed with our latest blog entries, or be notified when we start looking for beta testers, make sure to sign up!

Searchme delivers more meaningful and targeted search results to its users. Searchme’s intuitive category suggest technology provides users with a dynamic and rewarding search experience by delivering relevant results that are tailored specifically to their unique areas of interest. Searchme was co-founded by Randy Adams, CEO, and John Holland, CMO. The Company received initial funding from Sequoia Capital.

Gloofi is the first Web 3.0 Search Engine currently in existence. gloofi contains human and Semantic search capability, tag/keyword translation, personalized search, and user generated content. With all the new functionalities, and powerful capabilities of Gloofi, you may never again feel good about using the old search engines. Gloofi is currently in its Alpha release, but even in this stage, points will be rewarded for entering and approving content. We appreciate the efforts and input from the Internet community when adding and approving relevant content.

Superlogos World. This site is currently populating and will be live soon. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time: Email:

View a demo of the site.

Songza is a free music search engine & jukebox. Our launch party is taking place on November 8th from 5:30-9ish p.m. at the Elephant & Castle on N. Wabash (Chicago, IL). Get down and groove to tunes! Vote for the songs you want to listen to. Be one of the first people ever to try out this exciting and free way to listen to your favorite songs! RSVP here.

SearchSpark is a semantic search startup with a passion for organizing information to facilitate how people discover and filter information to make better decisions. The vertical categories we are targeting are the largest e-commerce categories and our complementary semantic search approach will assist both consumers find products that best meet their needs and branded and tail advertisers to market themselves more effectively. To achieve this, we are developing a tailored ontology for each category to enable us to extract and map the attributes of the products and a user experience to help us understand consumers’ meaning when they search for those products. Our first consumer application is delivering personalized travel search for family, romance, and pet-friendly travel; we welcome your feedback.

Viewdle is a facial recognition powered digital media platform for easily indexing, searching & monetizing video assets. Be the first to pilot Viewdle’s revolutionary facial-recognition powered products. Sign-up for our invitation-only beta launch…coming soon.

Globrix is a new type of property search website. It covers virtually every property for sale or rent in the UK and it allows you to search by a huge range of criteria such as price, region, outside space, parking or period.

Whozat? works like a one-stop-shop aggregator that allows users to find other people in social networks, blogs, photo and video sites and on the WWW. A blind evaluation of the relevance of people search results for Whozat?, Google, Yahoo, Ask, and three other people search engines threw the following preliminary but statistically significant results for a list of ordinary people compiled by a third party: Whozat? beat every other search engine, yielding the most relevant results, as evaluated by the searcher, almost three times as often as all generic search engines and more than five times as often as any other people search engine.

Just Added:

Find out more information about this amazing web & mobile based super search engine! What’s Open is for Alpha testers in the U.S. and China, public Beta launches late 2007. Search engine algorithms, including web and mobile, are patented with the USPTO.

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